Automotive Electronics Solutions

  1. Overview
  2. E-Car Modeling
  3. Modeling Platform
  4. Qualify Critical Systems
  5. ECU Modeling Platform

System Modeling Platform

  • Teraptor Designer is used for modeling automotive ECU networks
  • Teraptor Player is used for running software on the virtual platforms created from the models for various applications such as
    1. Reproducing in the lab defects encountered in the field.
    2. Extensively testing the software using virtual platform.
    3. Simulating faults and analyzing fault handling.
    4. Analyzing performance and performance optimizations.
modelling example


  • Cars now have upwards of 30-40 processors(ECUs). Teraptor Player is an excellent platform for creating complete network models for thorough integration testing.
  • Teraptor Player can be used for simulating network problems in various configurations for performance analysis and optimization.

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