Varadhi Services - Object Services

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Varadhi Services is a collection of common object services each compliant with OMG's Common Object Services Specification or other OMG standards. Varadhi Services complement Sankhya Varadhi and together provide a robust and standards compliant distributed application platform for Embedded and Enterprise Distributed Systems development.

Here is a list of Varadhi Services currently available or Under Development

  • Varadhi Names - CORBA Naming Service (CosNaming)
  • Varadhi Events - CORBA Event Service
  • Varadhi Secure - CORBA Security Service
  • Varadhi Logger - Light-weight Logging Service
  • Varadhi Sessions - Session Management Server
  • Varadhi Router - Message Routing Server
  • Varadhi Monitor - Fault Monitoring Server

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