Solutions for Networking, Communication and Storage

  1. Overview

Networking, Communication and Storage

Solution Overview

  • Use Teraptor Designer to create networking, communication or storage system models
  • Use Teraptor VHLS Engine for synthesizing RTL from architectural models(from SMDL and SSDL).
  • SANKHYA Consulting offers services for building synthesis platforms using the VHLS engine for specific customer projects.

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Market Overview

  • Today networking, storage and communication equipment can handle information in the range of a few kilobits/second to several gigabits/second.
  • The core of a networking or communication device is a SoC that is optimized to handle several information processing functions in parallel to sustain a high bandwidth.
  • These architectures often employ several processing elements that are networked on chip to deliver increased parallelism to achieve wire speed processing.

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