Sankhya Cognition TM

What is SANKHYA Cognition?

Social media has empowered consumers and everyone else with the ability to express or share their usage experiences at the instance and on the go using mobile phones and other connected devices. While it took some time in the past for a company to understand the customer experience, today it is available online. The ability of an organization to listen to, understand and react to such feedback gives it a sustainable competitive edge.

SANKHYA Cognition Message Board [SCMB] offers the advantage of tracking social media feed for insights and in decision making. The platform uses at the core, SANKHYA Translation Framework which is part of SANKHYA Infiniproc.


The natural language processing aspects of the solution combined with the platform's ability to process data in real-time and present in the form of a dashboard makes the solution ideal for organizations that are keen on improving customer service and lead in today's competitive business environment.

SANKHYA Cognition is available in flexible and convenient subscription pricing models. For details about the various editions and pricing, email