Design Platform

  1. Teraptor
  2. Design
  3. Processor Design
  4. SoC Design
  5. Compile
  6. Virtualize
  7. Verify
  8. Synthesize
  9. Kickstart

Model Space Explorer

An SMDL model intrinsically specifies space of all possible instructions and instruction sequences that are legal for a processor. MSE can explore this space and automatically generate test sequences for a processor. In addition, by executing the test cases over Teraptor Player, standard results can be generated automatically. MSE accepts verification strategy as input enabling constrained random test generation.

MSE can also explore other (non-processor) models and can in principle be used for automating system level testing.


A convenience tool (scripts) that can be used to automate processor verification using MSE.


A convenience tool for executing tests and generating reports using verifier. Autoval supports options to compare multiple test runs and generate trend reports.

Next Steps

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