Design Platform

  1. Teraptor
  2. Design
  3. Processor Design
  4. SoC Design
  5. Compile
  6. Virtualize
  7. Verify
  8. Synthesize
  9. Kickstart

Synthetic Processor Design

A Processor or CPU as it is sometimes referred to is the heart of any computer. The processor reads instruction from memory, executes the instructions and writes the results back to memory. The set of instructions a processor understands is referred to as the Instruction Set. An ISA or Instruction Set Architecture refers to the set of instructions that is supported by a class of processors. Different processors can support a common instruction set but in different ways. A processor may implement a multiply instruction as a sequence of shift and add instructions or as a multiply instruction implemented using a hardware multiply unit. While the Instruction Set Architecture defines the instructions supported by a processor -- it is the MicroArchitecture that specifies how a processor implements an ISA.

Designers with understanding of computer architecture can create processor ISA models using Teraptor SMDL. These models can be used for simulation, verification, assembler and linker development, compiler development and for synthesis to synthesizable RTL.

Teraptor SMDL models can also be used seamlessly as part of larger system models created using Teraptor SSDL.

Next Steps

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