Design Platform

  1. Teraptor
  2. Design
  3. Processor Design
  4. SoC Design
  5. Compile
  6. Virtualize
  7. Verify
  8. Synthesize
  9. Kickstart

Teraptor Channels

Channels contain pre-packaged models that can be used for kickstarting new system designs. For a latest update on Teraptor Channels, please contact our sales advisor. Unless otherwise indicated, these are SMDL (processor), C++ (peripherals) or SSDL (system) models.

  1. Teraptor Core Channel - Lite (TCC-Lite)
  2. RAM Model for introducing RAM blocks into the system.
    USART Serial Port
    LED Seven segment LED display
    Flash For adding Flash memory to the system
    I2C I2C controller and Bus
    DMA Direct Memory Access Device
  3. Teraptor Automotive Channel (TAC) TAC includes models that are especially useful for automotive network modeling.
  4. CAN Controller CAN Bus Controller model
    Ethernet Controller A simple ethernet controller which emulates ethernet using the controller on the host
    MIL-STD-1553 MIL-STD-1553 Controller and Bus
  5. Teraptor HMI Channel THMIC  Includes HMI components. Includes LEDs, Display, Speedometer.
  6. Teraptor SIMIO Channel  Includes Simulated IO components for providing streaming input / output capability driven by input and output data files.

* Not generally available or planned as part of 2013/2014 roadmap

Additional models are planned as per roadmap and are often prioritized based on specific client requirements.

Next Steps

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