Design Platform

  1. Teraptor
  2. Design
  3. Processor Design
  4. SoC Design
  5. Compile
  6. Virtualize
  7. Verify
  8. Synthesize
  9. Kickstart

Teraptor Designer IDE

Based on eclipse that can be used for creating different kinds of embedded system design projects taking advantage of the various tools that are part of Teraptor. Categories of projects that can be created and managed include the following:

  1. Peripheral Models (C++)
  2. Processor Models (SMDL)
  3. Hardware (Board/SoC) Models (SSDL)
  4. Device Drivers
  5. Software Applications
  6. Systems (Hardware + Applications)
  7. Verification (Automated Verification)
  8. Export (Export to Third Party)
  9. VHLS (Very High Level Synthesis) [Planned]

Next Steps

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