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SANKHYA Embedded Starter Kit 2.0 - Learners Edition

Embedded system development is one of the fastest growing areas creating employment for computer science and electronics engineers. Embedded system development requires many skills.

Key Skills for Embedded Systems Development

  • Understanding of processor architecutres widely used for embedded systems development like the ARM and MIPS processor architectures.
  • Knowledge of assembly language programming - this is an important requirement even when the actual software is developed using C language.
  • Experience using debugger, assembler, linker and simulator.
  • Knowledge of using actual embedded hardware.

The Embedded Starter Kit

This kit includes the following products and services.

  • Embedded System Development (Volume-1)
    Embedded Processor Architectures and Assembly Language Programming for Embedded Systems
  • SANKHYA System Debugger and Simulator for MIPS32 and ARMv4 architectures. (Learner Subscription License for 1 Year).
  • Standard E-mail Support for 1-Year
  • E-mail assistance in selecting a learner or student project

How To Buy

Presently, The Learner Solutions are offered only for residents of India. ORDER FORM - Download the order form from here: https://www.sankhya.com/promotion/STIO/SoftwareOrderForm07041.pdf

For purchases of the full package (software and tools) outside of India, please contact sales@sankhya.com