SANKHYA Tools Collection

SANKHYA Tools Collection, is a dynamic model driven tool chain which can be targeted for a new processor architecture in a matter of weeks. The SANKHYA Tools Collection (STC) includes C Front End, Code Generator, Assembler, Object File Dumper, Linker, Librarian, Simulator (on Unix and Windows hosts) and a Debugger (on Windows host at the moment). These tools are built on our patent pending DTTF technology.

STC is an excellent tool for use during early stages of processor design. Changes to instruction set can be tested in a matter of minutes using the SANKHYA Assembler and SANKHYA Simulator. All that is needed is to update the processor model using SMDL(SANKHYA Machine Description Language).

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SANKHYA ConsultingTM

SANKHYA Consulting offers professional services for retargeting STC for new processor architectures. In addition, we also offer services for retargeting GCC compiler, binutils, gdb and gdb simulator and Eclipse IDE.

SANKHYA Research and Development

Sankhya has been conducting Research and Development for more than 6 years to create a technology that processor and SoC developers can configure for a new processor variant -- instead of depending on their tool vendor. This is opening up a whole new system design paradigm, where a designer can go beyond co-design and co-simulation to unified-design and simulation !