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Sankhya Technologies announces ADESL Design Win

Visakhapatnam, India. - October 04, 2006 - Sankhya Technologies, a leading software research and development company today announced the successful use of its tools for the design of a next generation video processor by a US design house.

SANKHYA ® CPU Design Kit (SANKHYA CDK TM ) is a collection of languages and tools that speed up the design and development of new processors. CDK includes a language -- SMDL TM (SANKHYA Machine Description Language) that can be used to model processor architectures. CDK also includes developer tools, verification tools and simulators that allow a processor design team to model, simulate and verify their processor designs from the minute they start designing their processor architecture !

"By automating the design, verification and software tool chain development, CDK enables a radical new generation of application driven SoCs for consumer electronics market- resulting in shorter time to market, increased functionality and low cost," said Steve Frank a senior chip design specialist.

"The decision to use CDK by a small and experienced design team for designing a complex processor shows that formal specification and modeling tools will increasingly dominate the landscape for creating complex market driven consumer electronic devices in the years to come" said Gopi Bulusu, CEO and Chief Architect, Sankhya Technologies Private Limited. "We are happy to be a pioneer in this field", he added.

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Sankhya Technologies is a leading distributed system software development company, based in India. Sankhya is focused on research and development activities in the areas of software development tools and application platforms for embedded and enterprise application development. Sankhya Technologies was selected as one of the six most innovative companies from Southern India by NASSCOM. Corporate headquarters is located at #10-1-27, Fourth Floor, Sampath Vinayaka Temple Road, Visakhapatnam 530 003 INDIA.


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