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Sankhya Technologies announces availability of GNUPlus for ARM and MIPS Architectures.

Visakhapatnam, India. May 28, 2004 Sankhya technologies announced that its GNUPlus R2 release includes GNU GCC tool chain for ARM and MIPS Architectures. Sankhya adds value to the base GNU tool chain by adding support for specific processor variants, adding target specific optimizations, testing the tools and adding quick start documentation.

GNUPlus includes pre-built compiler tool chain for ARM, Strong ARM, Xscale ARM and MIPS32 architecture targets. The compiler tool chain includes Compiler, Binutils, Debugger (GDB), Simulator and runtime libraries. All the tool chains are tested using standard GNU test suites.

Pricing:The tool chain will be available free of charge from Sankhyas website to registered users. Pre built GNU GCC compiler tool (version 3.3 from FSF) chain for MIPS32, ARM, Strong ARM and Xscale ARM are available for USD 199, with one-year free email support. Annual support packages are available and the pricing starts at USD 3,600 per developer. For more information, please contact Sankhya Technologies by phone at +91 891 554 2666 or by email at

About Sankhya:Sankhya Technologies is a leading distributed system software development company. Sankhya is focused on research and development activities in the areas of software development tools and application platforms for embedded and enterprise application development. Sankhya is a member of CE Linux Forum (CELF).

Corporate headquarters are located at #30-15-58, "Silver Willow", Third Floor, Daba Gardens, Visakhapatnam 530 020 INDIA.

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