SANKHYA TM TeraptorTM - What Is Your Innovation Platform ? TM

Profit from Innovation, Keep Innovating ...

Mr. Peter Drucker has said "Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship". Mr. Michael Porter has said "Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different". Now make it easier to make those choices and gain a competitive advantage, add Teraptor to your strategy. Here is a quick summary of benefits.

Benefit To Designer
Translating To Better Design
Competitive Advantage
System Level Design
Use Architectural Languages for Design Globally Optimized Solution Low Cost, High Performance
Architecture Approach
Multi-Dimensional Design Automation Comprehensive Solution High Quality Products, Reduced Support Costs
Globally Optimized
Integrated Processor
and System Design,
Successful First Design
Reduced Gate Counts
Direct Connection Architectures
Reduced Power Usage, Enhanced Yields(Lower Manufacturing Costs)
Higher Abstraction Designs
Greater Design Reuse and Automation Improved Quality Reduced Time to Market, Quick To Develop Product Variants for Global Market Segments

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