Demonstrate POC of the intended complex architecture to deliver the desired results
Time line - 4 months

Key Activities

  • Demonstrate architecture capabilites before the hardware is ready
  • Start software development in parallel with hardware
  • Test the new processor and system architecture
  • Model system using ISS for software development
  • Model system (cycle accurate) for performance analysis, optimization

Client did extensive analysis of various ESL design platforms and zero-in on SANKHYA Teraptor


  • Virtual platform up and running within 6 weeks
  • Automated verification helped hardware design team quickly target and fix critcal defects each day
  • Application demo ported within 10 weeks
  • Cycle aware platform helps to fine tune and optimize system parameters
  • Client achieved all the major objectives of their projects within 16 weeks of starting the project

Tools Licensed: Teraptor Designer, Player and Core Channel

Benefits on ROI

  • About 8 to 12 months effort by 6 to 8 member team, reduced to 4 months
  • Effort by 2 member team - More than 80% savings
  • Client has a solid innovation platform for any future activities