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What Is Analytics

Analytics refers to a systematic study of researching data using the principles of mathematics, economics [econometrics] and statistics with the goal of obtaining useful information for taking informed decisions.

If you are a retailer, you can use Analytics to make the best combo- offer to your customers. If you are in the credit business, you can offer more credit to those low risk customers who are likely use it and thereby improve your business. If you are a telecom company, you can identify good customers who are probably switching to a competitor - before you actually loose them. Analytics can give your business managers the vision they need to go from Good to Great.

Analytics Explained

The basic principle underlying analytics is to extract information about independent variables from composite behavior that is a function of such variables. This is done by creating mathematical models of the "Universe" under study, using behavioral data of this Universe and performing regression analysis to identify the candidate data sets of independent variables which can explain that particular behavior of the Universe.


Once a good model is created that can explain past behavior the same can then be used for forecasting future behavior. As such forecasting is complementary to analytics and involves the process of using Universe models to forecast future [composite] behavior from the various dependent variables [ under different scenarios ].

What We Offer

SANKHYA Consulting has a small team of managers, econmetricians, mathemeticians and software engineers who offer the service of creating analytical business models, analyzing data, creating forecasting models and offering your business manager vision they need to take better decisions.

Next Steps

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