Infiniproc TM -- Internet Grade Web Application Development Services

SANKHYA Consulting offers consulting, mentoring and development services for the development of distributed computing applications ranging from custom grid computing solutions to Internet Grade web application development.

Whether you are building a new application or rearchitecting, reengineering or refactoring an existing application, you can significantly increase your ability to build these complex applications by leveraging the strength of our expertise in wide ranging areas like --

  • Architectures -- Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Process Oriented Architecture (POA), Grid Computing
  • Process Models -- Iterative Agile Software Development
  • Organization and Application Reuse Models -- The Application Chain
  • Search -- Apache Lucene
  • Identity and Authentication -- NIS, PAM, LDAP, CORBA Security Service
  • Security and Firewall Configuration -- iptables, tripwire, logwatch, spamassassin
  • Scalability and Availability -- Fault Tolerance, Load Balancing
  • Application Platforms -- Apache, Tomcat, J2EE, J2ME, Web Varadhi
  • Messaging -- sendmail, procmail
  • Middleware -- Data Integration (XML), Application Integration (CORBA ® and Web Services)
  • User Interface -- AJAX, Java script, HTML, AML (XML), MFC, GTKPlus
  • Languages -- UML ®, C, C++, Java
  • DBMS -- SQL, ODBC, Postgres
  • Scripting -- shell, perl, python
  • Operating Systems -- Microsoft ® Windows, Linux ®, Solaris, HP Unix, Embedded Linux and Embedded Operating Systems

Our library of well tested technologies, applications and components and our team of experienced architects, analysts, support and development engineers will be able to complement your existing strengths - the result a successful application that meets the requirements of all stake holders and achieves your ROI requirements.

If you would like to schedule a discussion with our solution architect, or sales engineer please e-mail or fill this form.