GNUPlus - Solutions for Embedded System Development

We offer the following services for Eclipse, gcc, gdb and binutils porting and maintenance.

  • Retargeting for new processor architectures, including RISC, CISC, VLIW or DSP architectures.
  • Implementing processor specific optimizations.
  • Annual Developer Support for application developers.
  • Annual Maintenance packages for processor designers.

Why GNUPlus ?

Sankhya has over 11 years of experience developing, maintaining and supporting C/C++ compilers for a wide range of processors. We have experience with several compiler tool chains and specific experience with GNU tools. A compiler tool chain (including GCC) is complex and often can make a significant contribution to the success of any new project.

When you select GNUPlus you are selecting a reliable partner with the experience and skills required for taking complete responsibility for your compiler tools requirements. We have experience with specifying an ABI, porting GNU GCC and binutils, documenting the tools, validating the tools using industry standard validation test suites and creating easy to install source and binary packages of the tools.

Our experienced support team can provide timely help in identifying and solving problems associated with compiler usage and C/C++ language issues.

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GNU gcc - C/C++ Compiler and binutils are today among the most widely used software tools in the world. These compilers are free software distributed under GNU GPL licensing.

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