Introduction to CORBA ® using SANKHYA Varadhi

This training module, provides the C/C++ programmer a comprehensive introduction to CORBA using SANKHYA Varadhi.


  • Exposure to object-oriented concepts
  • Knowledge of C/C++ Programming

The training module builds on your existing C++ programming knowledge and using a step-by-step process, introduces the concepts of distributed computing and CORBA.

Module Contents

  1. Introduction to SANKHYA Varadhi
  2. Introduction to CORBA
  3. CORBA Architecture and Interoperability
  4. Developing a simple CORBA application
  5. Varadhi Development Tools
  6. IDL - Overview
  7. IDL to C++ binding
  8. ORB interfaces
  9. POA interfaces
  10. References
  11. Online Exercises

You will learn the following after completing this module

  • CORBA Concepts
  • CORBA Programming
  • CORBA Interfaces
  • Basic CORBA based Application Development using Varadhi

Illustrations and pictorial notations are used throughout the training module, making it easy for the user to assimilate new concepts.

There are a number of programming fragments throughout the training module to illustrate the concepts that the user will learn. To reinforce the concepts learnt during the Training Session, a host of programming exercises have been provided. These range from simple True or False problems to actual CORBA application development.

Although recommended for novice users of CORBA and SANKHYA Varadhi, the training module can also be used as reference material for advanced users. It can be a rewarding learning experience for all.

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