Introduction to Web Services

This module provides software developers and architects a basic to intermediate level training on the technologies used in Web Services. The course also provides a practical insight into Web Services application development and deployment.


  • Basic knowledge of C++ or Java
  • Basic knowledge of HTML

Module Contents

  1. Introduction to Web Services
  2. Overview of Web Services Standards
    • XML - Extensible Markup Language
    • WSDL - Web Services Description Language
    • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
    • UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
  3. A simple "Hello World" application using Web Services
    • Architecture and Design
    • Implementation
  4. SOAP Bindings
  5. Web Services Tools
  6. Web Services for Application Integration
  7. Developing Web Services client for a CORBA Server
    • Architecture and Design
    • Implementation
  8. Web Services Interoperability
    • SOAP Interoperability
    • WSDL Interoperability
  9. Exercises

You will learn the following after completing this module

  • What are Web Services
  • Advantages of using Web Services for Application Integration
  • Designing and developing simple Web Services applications
  • CORBA and Web Services interoperability

The training kit includes the complete slide set, illustrative programming fragments and business cases. Online and offline exercises and solutions are included.

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