CORBA ® Application Development using SANKHYA Varadhi

This training module is focused on developers who want to develop non-trivial CORBA based distributed applications. Using real-life examples, the session provides a quick and effective way to understand and implement applications using various Common Object Services.


Familiarity with simple CORBA programming using an object-oriented language like C++ or Java.

See Introduction to CORBA Using SANKHYA Varadhi

Module Contents

  1. Advanced IDL (any, Object, exception, oneway)
  2. ORB and POA interfaces
  3. Common Object Services
  4. Varadhi Names - CosNaming Service
  5. Varadhi Events - CosEvent Service
  6. Chat Application
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Architecture and Design
    • Implementation
  7. Dynamic Invocation Interface and Dynamic Skeleton Interface
  8. Simple CORBA-SNMP Bridge Application
    • Requirements Analysis
    • Architecture and Design
    • Implementation
  9. Interoperability
    • GIOP and IIOP
    • Interoperability Samples
  10. On-line Exercises

You will learn the following after completing this module

  • Developing IDL interfaces for complex applications
  • Developing distributed applications using various Common Object Services
  • Developing SANKHYA Varadhi applications which are interoperable with other CORBA compliant ORBs

Innovative training methods, illustrations and real-life examples ensure that the trainees assimilate advanced concepts easily.

The training kit includes slide set, illustrative programming fragments, complete source code of sample applications and solutions to off-line/on-line exercises. This training kit also acts as useful reference for advanced CORBA application developers.

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