Usage Areas

  1. Platform
  2. Functional

Functional Usage Areas

If you are unable to change your existing design flows. You can still take advantage of Teraptor for the following activities.

New Compiler and Debugger
Use Teraptor to quickly create a software development toolchain for your processor architecture.
Instruction Set Simulator
Create an SMDL model for the required processor architecture. Use Teraptor Player to simulate the SMDL processor architecture.
System Simulation and Virtual Prototyping
Create an SSDL model for a new system. Use Teraptor Player to create virtual prototypes from the heterogenous processor architectures and peripherals !
Processor Verification
Automate processor verification with Teraptor. Let Teraptor Verification tool automatically generate and run tests from an SMDL model. Use Teraptor Player as a reference to validate results automatically !
Embedded Software Development Platform
Use Teraptor Player as a platform for software development well before your custom hardware design is available.
Embedded Software Testing Platform
Use Teraptor Player as a platform for parallel software testing and speedup automates testing.
Enterprise IP Management
Use Teraptor Processor and System Models as a repository of your enterprise wide Intellectual Property.
Custom High Level Synthesis
Use Teraptor to synthesize optimized hardware models from the system and compute processor models. [ custom tools are offered as a service. ]

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