Embedded Starter Kit (ESK) - Tools for Embedded Linux

Sankhya ESK Platform is a set of menu driven tools that help developers build linux images and cross platform development tools for linux based application development.

ESK Platform 1.0 optionally includes pre-configure, pre-built and pre-tested versions of different flavors of linux and different versions of the GNU tool chain.

Who Benefits?

  • Embedded application developers can get started quickly with embedded linux by using the pre-configured and tested embedded linux versions.
  • Board and System developers can use ESK Platform to create pre-configured and tested vesions of Linux for their boards, SANKHYA Consulting offers complementary services to help board developers in this process.
  • Processor companies can use ESK to provide their customers with an easy menu-driven tool to configure and build Linux for their processor architectures - SANKHYA Consulting offers complementary services to port Linux and the GNU tool chain to new processor architectures.

Pre-Tested Configurations Supported in ESK Platform 1.0

Linux Kernel

Packaged Maintenance and Support Options

Sankhya offers embedded Linux services that range from kernel porting, device driver development to design and development of embedded linux applications. SoC developers and board vendors can get end-to-end embedded Linux software development support from Sankhya so that they can focus on taking their products to market faster.

Embedded Linux Services:

  • Porting uCLinux and Consumer Electronics Linux to a new target or a custom board.
  • Size optimized version of Linux for SoC platform.
  • Linux kernel module development.
  • Board support package (BSP) development.
  • Debug monitor development.
  • Linux device driver development for character and block devices.
  • Porting device drivers from linux 2.4 to linux 2.6 kernel.
  • Porting GNU C/C++ and GDB for embedded linux environment.
  • Embedded linux application development and porting.
  • Validation of Embedded linux applications.
  • Developing Eclipse based embedded linux development environment,
    which includes:
    • Eclipse IDE for C/C++ application development
    • Linux kernel configuration, build and debugging
    • GNU C/C++ cross compiler tool chain configuration

Key Skills

  • Porting, support and maintenance of GNU tool chain.
  • Tool and kernel integration and creation of complete embedded linux cross platform development environments.
  • Linux Kernel configuration and builds (2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 kernels)
  • Configuring and building GNU Tools (vesions 2.7, 2.9x and 3.x).
  • BSP and device driver development.

Completed Projects

  • Developed menu driven tools for configuring and building GNU Tools and Embedded Linux for specific processor architectures and boards.
  • Ported Varadhi Core to Embedded Linux (Kernel 2.6).
  • Automated 'LinuxTinyTestProject' in CE Linux Size work Group (SZWG).