SANKHYA Assembler - sasm / SANKHYA Linker - sld

SANKHYA Assembler is a retargetable two-pass assembler built on Sankhya's DTTF Technology. sasm assembles either Intel Style or GNU style Assembler files to ELF object file format. sasm serves as the "first" assembler for any new processor development team. The use of standard SMDL processor model files makes it easy for processor designers to reduce the initial assembler development time to as little as a single day. SANKHYA Linker is a simple ELF/Dwarf linker.

Technical Overview

SANKHYA Assembler - Key Features

  • Loads SMDL processor model files dynamically.
  • Generates ELF object files
  • Support for DWARF debug information generation
  • Support for different Assembly language formats
  • Interoperates with GCC for MIPS and IA64
  • Supports little-endian and big-endian processor variants

SANKHYA Assembler - Availability

SANKHYA Assembler 2.1 Release for MIPS and ARM processors is available now. For additional information please send inquiries to