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SANKHYA Debugger (SD) is a system level debugger, which can be used to simulate multiple CPU systems. The server edition of SANKHYA Simulator (simserver) can be easily integrated into RTL verification environments through a standard CORBA® based interface. SANKHYA Debugger is part of SANKHYA Tools Collection (STC), which is a collection of tools including a C Front End, Code Generator, Assembler, Object File Dumper, Linker, Librarian and Simulator.

SANKHYA Debugger 2.1 includes built-in simulator for the ARM v4 and MIPS32 architectures and includes a tutorial to help starters learn embedded systems programming without any hardware.

Learn embedded systems programming without any hardware!

The SANKHYA Debugger 1.1 Learners edition will allow you to learn embedded systems programming without any hardware by simulating the target systems and processors using a graphical user interface while debugging your application.

"SANKHYA Debugger - Learner's Edition" Tutorial will help you to learn assembly language programming for ARM and MIPS processors. It is ideal for learners for getting started quickly and economically.

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SANKHYA Debugger - Key Features:

  • System Level Debugger
  • Supports Multi-CPU Debugging
  • Assembly Level Debugging
    (Roadmap includes support for symbolic debugging)
  • Loads ELF and S-Record object files
  • Supports Simple Processor, Memory, Execution, Register Commands
  • Supports execution of commands from script file.
  • Supports little-endian and big-endian processor variants
  • Simple, intuitive and powerful user interface


Learners edition of SANKHYA Debugger 1.1 for Windows is available now.

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