SANKHYA Code Generator - scg

SANKHYA Code Generator is a dynamically targetable code generator. The input to scg is intermediate code generated by an ANSI C or C++ parser. scg generates either Intel Style or GNU style Assembler files. scg is built on Sankhya's DTTF technology and can be dynamically targeted for a new variant of a processor in as little as a few minutes by the end user.

Technical Overview

SANKHYA Code Generator - Host Platforms Supported:

  • Solaris 2.7
  • Linux (RedHat 7.2)
  • Windows NT/2000

SANKHYA Code Generator - Target Processors Supported:

  • MIPS
  • ARM
  • Intel IA64 (Planned)
  • TI C67x (Planned)

SANKHYA Code Generator - Key Features

  • Input is simple and extremely powerful intermediate code (human readable).
  • Interoperates with GCC binutils for ARM and MIPS
  • Supports little-endian and big-endian processor variants
  • Supports different Assembly language formats

SANKHYA Code Generator - Availability

SANKHYA Code Generator 1.0 Beta Release for ARM and MIPS processors is available for evaluation now. For evaluation and pricing information please send inquiries to