DTTF - Usage Scenarios

Dynamically Targetable Tools Framework (DTTF) - Usage Scenarios

DTTF represents the best of class technology for creating software development tools. A powerful combination of model driven support for -- processors (built on STF), Processor ABI and Relocation Information means that DTTF tools have little or no knowledge about the processor that they support. All DTTF tools can be dynamically targeted for a processor, using a processor model described using SMDL. Identified application areas include:

  • ANSI-C, C++, C# and Java Compilers
  • Instruction Set/Cycle Accurate CPU Simulators
  • Assemblers, Disassemblers, and Linkers
  • Binary Translators, Binary Patch Utilities
  • Reverse-Engineering Tools like decompilers
  • EDA Tool Development
  • Automatic VHDL Generators (From SMDL Processor Models)
  • Compilers for Extensible Languages

SANKHYA Tools Collection (STC)

STC is primarily targeted towards end users of software development tools. Current work includes supporting C front-end, Code Generator, Assembler, Linker and Simulator for the following target CPUs:

  • STC for MIPS
  • STC for ARM
  • STC for TI C67x
  • STC for Hitachi SH3
  • STC for Intel IA64

SANKHYA Consulting provides consulting services for targeting STC for specific processors.

Send inquiries to sales@sankhya.com