SANKHYA Simulator - ssim / SANKHYA Debugger - SD

SANKHYA Simulator | SANKHYA Debugger

The SANKHYA Simulator (ssim) is a retargetable system simulator built on Sankhya's DTTF Technology. The SANKHYA Debugger (SD) is a simple assembly level system debugger. The server edition of SANKHYA Simulator (simserver) can be easily integrated into RTL verification environments through a standard CORBA ® based interface. See SANKHYA Varadhi for a powerful integration tool.

SANKHYA Simulator - Key Features:

  • System Simulator
  • Supports Multi-CPU simulation
  • Supports basic shared memory simulation
  • C++ Interface for use in RTL Verification (simserver edition)
  • Loads ELF and S-Record object files
  • Supports Simple Processor, Memory, Execution, Register Commands
  • Supports execution of commands from script file.
  • Supports little-endian and big-endian processor variants
  • Loads SMDL processor model files dynamically.


SANKHYA Simulator 2.1 and Simulator Server 2.1 for Unix and Windows are available now.

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