SANKHYA Tools Collection - Usage Scenarios

CPU Design

SANKHYA Tools Collection (STC) is a growing list of tools including a code generator, assembler, linker, librarian, object file dumper, simulator, simulator server and a debugger built using DTTF. STC tools are ideal for use in the following situations:
  • When a new processor is being designed.
  • When a processor variant is being designed.
  • When a reconfigurable processor is used for system design.
  • For exploring different designs for a processor.
  • In general when a new tool chain is being developed.
Solution: Sankhya Teraptor

SANKHYA Debugger - Usage scenarios

Learn embedded systems programming without any hardware

The SANKHYA Debugger 1.1 Learners edition will allow you to learn the embedded systems programming without any hardware by simulating the target systems and processors using a graphical user interface while debugging your application.

"SANKHYA Debugger - Learner's Edition" Tutorial will help you to learn assembly language programming for ARM and MIPS processors. It is ideal for learners for getting started quickly and economically.

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Device Modelling

Create a C++ model of a device and integrate with SANKHYA Simulator.

Now, you can develop a device driver to control the simulated device and test your device driver using the SANKHYA Debugger !

Learn New Processor Design

Create a completely new processor using SMDL and simulate it using the SANKHYA Simulator. Develop assembly language programs and assemble them to machine code using the SANKHYA Assembler. Use SANKHYA Debugger to debug the assembly language programs.

Solution: Embedded Starter Kit